Product Care Guide


In the description of all products the materials are clearly stated.


We advise that jewellery must be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight , as well as removing before sleeping, exercising and washing.

We recommend that you avoid your jewellery coming into contact with all liquids such as water, perfumes, body lotions ect...

All metals react differently, for example different types of jewellery may tarnish, lose colour or change colour which can be a result of many different factors such as the above and body chemistry etc, which is not a fault of the product or us. However caring for your jewellery is the most important part of maintaining the jewellery. 

Before purchase we suggest researching the material of the product to educate yourself and ensure it's right for you, especially as some people may be allergic to certain metals which can cause a reaction. 

It's your responsibility to look after your jewellery and handle it with care.


Our lashes can be re-used from 10 - 25+ times with proper care. 

All lashes will need to be trimmed down to your desired length.

After each use remove any excess glue from the band and when applying glue avoid getting it onto the lash hairs.

You can apply mascara to the lashes however mascara build-up can shorten the lifespan of the lashes even if they are cleaned the cleaning process can also add additional wear to the lashes.

We recommend cleaning the lashes every now and then when necessary, you can find steps on how to do so by searching on the internet. 

Always remember to be careful as the lashes are delicate, when removing the lashes avoid pulling them off by the hairs to prevent them from falling out, instead pull them off as close to the band as possible.

Other Products

  • Sunglasses - Dry wipe clean if needed

  • Bags, Belts & Harnesses - Wipe with damp cloth if needed avoid any metal

  • Scrunchies, Headbands, Airpod & Phone Cases, Shoe Laces - Wipe with damp cloth

  • Nipple Covers - Avoid contact with liquids 

  • Socks - Machine wash cold

  • Glitter - Store in a cool dry place inside the bag provided and keep sealed at all times. Avoid contact with liquids unless being applied